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JULY 2013

Repeat of TV show incl. myself on July 23 and 24 - Since it airs on German television, you may prefer to watch the English clip on YouTube from last year - See post from May 19, 2012 with link to the video clip and further info. Even though shooting was fun, I don't like my voice in it and I look kinda fat but luckily they cut out quite a bit of what I said because the entire length of the show is only 30 minutes :-)

Deutsch: Eine Wiederholung der TV-Sendung "Ausflug mit Kuttner" in's Deutsche Museum (mit Stefan Mross), in der ich kurz zu sehen und zu hören bin, wird am 23. Juli um 19.30 Uhr auf 3Sat gezeigt - und nochmals am 24. Juli um 9.20 Uhr. Die Sendung wurde im letzten Jahr gedreht und eigentlich ist das Ganze seitdem schon als Videoclip auf YouTube zu sehen (Siehe Eintrag vom 19. Mai 2012). Meine Stimme klingt ziemlich gruselig und ich sehe etwas fett aus, aber es wurde eh ziemlich viel rausgeschnitten, von dem was ich gesagt habe, weil die ganze Sendung nur 30 Min. dauert :-)



Here it is - since several friends asked about the autograph from Alex and wanted to know what he wrote...

The image quality is not very good but this is actually the only photo that was developed from the entire roll of film cause my camera decided to not work anymore while it was supposed to rewind the film... I guess it's about time that I get myself a digital camera - I absolutely refuse to get a mobile phone though (even though I could take pictures with that, too)

By the way, the bigger photo on the left was a Xmas gift from a friend - So I got a serious and smiley Alex.

What you see next to the small photo below are some blank organ donor passes to fill in. If any of you ever want one, just ask me...

You want to make a bet on the Oscar winners for 2013? Well, find out which nominees I would choose:
My Oscar tips - for the movie buffs among you



A little "home vacation" report from Oktoberfest City and recommendations for a visit to Munich
Since I'm currently enjoying two weeks off work, I thought I'd write a few words about how I usually spend my vacations when I stay here in Munich. Since one or the other of you might visit Munich some day, you may want some inspiration for what you can do.
Well, apart from the normal pastimes such as meeting friends to eat out or to go to the movies, I usually go to the zoo, the botanical gardens or go for long walks along the Isar river or in the English Garden where I particularly love to watch the river surfers at the "Eisbach" - a branch of the Isar. Admittedly, it's not as much fun to watch the river surfers, as it is to watch surfers on the ocean but I kinda like it, anyway. I just don't watch as long as I would if I was sitting on a beach. By the way, I only love to watch others surf but don't know how to do it myself.

Like almost anyone working at a museum, I don't usually visit museums in Munich - unless I'm accompanying friends or family who are visiting Munich - and occasionally I look at temporary art exhibitions. If you need tips on which museums to visit in Munich, please go to my section about Munich. Hopefully, you will not think that I'm recommending the Deutsches Museum just because I work there. That's not the case - I actually do like the museum a lot and can assure you that most of our visitors do so, too. It is a world-famous and very popular museum.

If you come to Munich and are wondering which time of the year would be good for a visit, I must say that every season has its pros and cons: Before Xmas, you get to visit many beautiful Christmas markets or the Winter Tollwood festival & market, but, on the other hand, it tends to be very cold and wet - too cold for me. It's the time of the year where I love to hang around at home sipping on some hot tea, eating yummy chocolate-covered "lebkuchen" (gingerbread cookies) and enjoying DVDs - preferably of great shows like "Hawaii Five-0" playing in the sun.

In Munich, I personally like late spring (May/June) and fall. A good time for visiting is in September BEFORE the Oktoberfest starts to avoid paying three times as much for your hotel room or surcharges on all kinds of other stuff. I was quite mad when I made one of those rare visits to Burger King yesterday and noticed that I paid 30 cents more for each burger because of the stupid Oktoberfest - and back at home I realized they had even forgotten to put one of the three (small!) burgers I had ordered and paid for, into the bag.
Anyway, unless you love drinking beer and getting drunk and being among lots and lots of drunk people who tend to lose control of what they are doing, you should avoid coming during the Oktoberfest. I bet you can tell by now that I'm not exactly a fan of the "world's biggest booze" ("Größtes Massenbesäufnis der Welt") as I like to call the Oktoberfest. I think it's a shame if people have to get drunk to get into a good mood - I prefer people who are in a good mood without being drunk. Besides, getting drunk doesn't necessarily get you in a good mood - even though some people claim it does.
What I do like is to walk around downtown and listen to all those foreign accents - especially of all the Aussies who love the Oktoberfest. We do have visitors from all over the world all year long here in Munich but with Australians, it's obvious that most of them come at this time of the year. I heard quite a few of them today when I was shopping downtown.
In summer (July/August) it usually gets quite crowded in and around Munich, which is why I don't really recommend that time of the year - and although it's summer, you may experience some rather cold and rainy days in those months.

No matter what time of the year you come to Munich, I wish you a great stay here in "my" city.

My trip to the airport last weekend...
Since I went to meet a friend at the airport last Sunday on her way back to Italy, I also spent some time afterwards at the visitors' park watching the planes land and take off. Here are two pictures (of about two dozens :-)) - one of the Air Dolomiti plane on which my friend flew back to Bologna (It must've been the one because it departed at 3.15 p.m.), and one with the Emirates' huge A380.


The coolest female singer P!NK is bringing out a new album this month!
P!NK's new album 'The truth about love" just came out on Sept. 14 - She even gave an exclusive concert in Munich that day but the tickets were a) too expensive and b) sold out right away, anyway, and c) I didn't win any ticket although I tried, of course....

New single coming out featuring Samu, the lead singer of Sunrise Avenue (The song is not by Sunrise Ave!)
- Here's the full-length version preceded by a commercial - "No matter what they say" (feat. Samu)
  or a shorter YouTube version: Song feat. Samu (shortened)

Feature film (Adventure) shot partly at the Deutsches Museum - it airs on RTL on Sunday, Sept. 16
The adventure film "Die Jagd nach dem Bernsteinzimmer" was partly filmed at the museum. You see a hot-air balloon take off in the museum courtyard, a stunt guy jumping from the gallery in the aircraft section and more...

DEUTSCH: Im letzten Jahr fand ein sehr aufwendiger Spielfilm-Dreh im Deutschen Museum statt, bei dem u.a. ein Heißluftballon im Innenhof startet und ein Stuntman von der Galerie in der Luftfahrthalle nach unten springt. Der Film "Die Jagd nach dem Bernsteinzimmer" läuft nun am Sonntag, den 16. Sept. um 20.15 Uhr auf RTL - Infos gibt's auf der Webseite von RTL


Behind-the-scenes of the Deutsches Museum - Documentary (25 min.) on Servus TV
Servus TV has filmed a documentary which takes you behind the scenes of our world-famous museum. You get to watch the staff of our aircraft workshop who have rebuilt an airplane from the 1920's, you can admire the work of the model builders who create beautiful dioramas (such as a miniature version of the inside of an old research ship), you can take a look into the depots with century-old, unique exhibits and more. It's quite nice and interesting but everybody speaks German... Link to the video
You may also be interested in finding out what visitors from all over the World think about the museum... An Italian intern is currently interviewing visitors and putting their answers into our museum blog: www.deutsches-museum.de/blog

DEUTSCH: Servus TV hat eine Doku hinter den Kulissen des Deutschen Museums gedreht. Man sieht z.B. die wertvollen, alten Schätze in den Depots, kann die Arbeit der Modellbauer bewundern, die gerade am Diorama (Miniatur-Nachbau) eines alten Forschungsschifflabors bauen, und man sieht die Mitarbeiter der Flugwerft-Werkstatt bei der Rekonstruktion eines Flugzeugs von 1920. Ich finde die Doku recht interessant - Hier geht's zum Video.
Und falls Ihr mal nachlesen wollt, was unsere Besucher aus aller Welt so von unserem Museum halten, könnt Ihr das in unserem Museumsblog nachlesen (in Englisch - die Einleitung ist von mir übersetzt). Es gibt dort auch einen Eintrag mit Fotos über den Besuch von Rick Kavanian im Museum! Hier geht's zum Blog: www.deutsches-museum.de/blog

JULY 2012

July 7, 2012: Another absolutely great concert with my favorite band "Sunrise Avenue"
Yeah, those cool and very nice guys from Finland were in Munich yesterday at the "Tollwood Festival" - A four-week festival in the Olympic Park with an outdoor market, food stands, concerts and other performances.
Their concert had been sold out for many months but being a long-time fan, I got the ticket very early - of course :-)

Their support, the Swedish band "The Pusher", which I had already known from their last concert in November, was with them again and got the crowd into the right mood for the main concert.
(You find the band on Facebook: www.facebook.com/thepusherofficial)

Since I haven't been feeling well for the past couple of days (dizziness and nausea that are probably caused by this crazy Munich weather with its constant ups and downs), I didn't stand next to the stage with my friends, as I usually do, but grabbed one of the seats in the (elevated) back-rows of the huge tent and actually had a great view of the stage (though from quite a distance) and onto a large screen on which Samu, the lead singer, was shown most of the time.

I had an absolute blast since the guys totally rocked the stage and also played several of my older, favorite songs like "Angels on a rampage" (that one is, of course, not old but a favorite...) and "Welcome to my life" which I both love. They even continued to perform bravely after Samu slipped and fell off the stage which happened to him for the first time in his career. I'm pretty sure the poor guy has suffered some bruises - hopefully not more... Being as nice as he is, Samu seemed to worry less about his own health though but rather worried that he might have hurt some fans by hitting them (with his guitar) when he fell off the stage.

The audience last night obviously included a high percentage of new fans who had become aware of "Sunrise Avenue" last year when their hit single "Hollywood Hills" made them famous here and earned them a platinum award. My friends and I have known the band for several years though and we know the lyrics to their songs so well that we can sing along - Well, with the new fans, you could tell that they knew and loved "Hollywood Hills" and literally "woke up" when the song was played - but even though they obviously enjoyed the older songs, too, they couldn't sing along at all. At least, this was the case with the fans in the back of the tent where I was sitting this time. Hopefully, they'll all go to the record stores today and buy the two older albums, too - including my favorite album "Popgasm" - a well-chosen name, by the way ;-)

Anyway, I can only recommend to get tickets for "Sunrise Avenue"'s concerts if they ever come to your city. They are great live musicians, Samu has terrific deep voice, and the guys are totally nice, humorful and grounded. Especially Samu likes to crack jokes and practice his funny German (His dad is actually German). Of course, you could also start by buying their albums first.

Find out more about Sunrise Avenue on their website www.sunriseavenue.com

MAY 2012

May 19: What a waste of great music !!! My favorite band is in town and playing only for the soccer fans at the Olympic Stadium ("public viewing" of the Champions League match) tonight. There was no way of getting a ticket any more. Grrrrr! I just hope those soccer fans appreciate seeing "Sunrise Avenue" play live - these cool guys from Finland always rock the stage!

Angie and the Deutsches Museum on TV and on YouTube (cif. March 15 entry)
An episode of the TV show "Ausflug mit Kuttner" - a talk show in which host Sarah Kuttner makes an excursion with some V.I.P. (such as actor Til Schweiger) - was shot at the museum in March with singer Stefan Mross.
Since the colleagues working at the ticket-office didn't want to be filmed, I jumped in and 'pretended' to be selling tickets to Sarah and Stefan and gave them some advice on what to see in the museum - actually I was told right before which exhibits to recommend to them because that's where they wanted to continue shooting afterwards.

The show finally aired on May 13 and was then put on the TV-channel's YouTube page.
Parts of the scene with me were cut, my voice definitely sounds strange and I do look a bit fat (but am happy to say that I've lost weight since then...). Nevertheless, shooting was fun, the crew was very nice and, at least, I was smiling and apparently in a good mood which one can tell in the video, I think.
In case that you're wondering why I was in a good mood - I had found out the night before that my favorite TV show would get a 3rd season :-) - Anyway, if you want to see the YouTube video of the show, here it is (You see me after about 5 min.):

Angie und das Deutsche Museum im TV und auf YouTube (vgl. Eintrag vom 15. März)
Eine Folge der Sendung "Ausflug mit Kuttner" - eine Talkshow, in der Sarah Kuttner Ausflüge mit Promis unternimmt (z.B. Til SchweigerI) wurde im März im Museum gedreht - als Gast war Stefan Mross dabei.
Da die Kollegen an der Kasse nicht gefilmt werden wollten, bin ich eingesprungen und habe an Stefan und Sarah Tickets verkauft und Ihnen einige (kurz vorab vorgegebene) Empfehlungen für den Museumsbesuch gegeben.

Die Folge wurde nun endlich am 13. Mai ausgestrahlt und steht seitdem auf der YouTube-Seite des TV-Senders 1Plus.
Teile der Szene mit mir wurden rausgeschnitten, meine Stimme klingt reichlich seltsam und ich sehe etwas moppelig aus (habe aber erfreulicherweise seitdem abgenommen). Nichtsdestotrotz hat es Spass gemacht, das Drehteam war sehr nett und zumindest schaue ich freundlich und gutgelaunt drein.
Und falls Ihr Euch fragt, wieso ich gut gelaunt war - Tja, ich hatte am Vorabend erfahren, dass es eine 3. Staffel meiner Lieblingsserie im TV geben wird :-) - Falls Ihr das YouTube-Video der Sendung sehen wollt, hier ist es:


Help save lives by supporting "Relay for life" by the American Cancer Society!
I'm putting this online for a young friend of mine in Pittsburgh - Check out how you can give support  - Thanks!

May 5, 2012: New fan website and separate news page for Alex O'Loughlin
The news about my favourite actor can no longer be found here but on my new fan website about Alex: www.alex-the-best.de

APRIL 2012

April 18, 2012:
Thank you for all the birthday cards, greetings and gifts I got today!
Vielen Dank für alle Geburtstagsgeschenke, -karten und -mails!

MARCH 2012

March 15, 2012: Angie on TV - View more recent post of May with YouTube clip!
The following info is in German only because my friends abroad can't watch German TV anyway... which might be a good thing so you don't get to see the short scene with me shot at the museum for a TV show. I probably look and sound weird - but I was also a little proud that it took only one take to shoot the whole scene

DEUTSCH: Der TV-Sender SWR hat heute im Museum eine Folge von "Ausflug mit Kuttner" (Sarah Kuttner in Begleitung von Stefan Mross) gedreht. Da die Kolleginnen an der Kasse keine Lust auf Kameras hatten, bin ich eingesprungen und somit in einer kleinen Szene zu sehen, in der ich Sarah und Stefan Tickets verkaufe und einige Tipps für den Museumsbesuch gebe. Leider weiss ich noch nicht, wann die Sendung im SWR (und 1Plus) ausgestrahlt wird (laut Aussage unserer Pressestelle kann es Frühsommer werden), aber ich werde Euch auf dem Laufenden halten, wenn Ihr was vom Deutschen Museum sehen wollt und meine Pappnase dazu :-)


Feb. 26, 2012: This is for the movie buffs among you, who may want to make a bet on the Oscar winners for tonight - Check out my list of Oscar tips for 2012!

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