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My personal advice: If you don't have much time to spend in Munich, make sure to visit the Deutsches Museum (for science and technology) and the Alte Pinakothek and Neue Pinakothek (for arts).
For soccer fans, I recommend a tour of the Allianz-Arena.
Movie fans might want to go the Bavaria Film Studios to take a guided tour or attend a stunt show. The tours are not as spectacular as tours in the Universal Studios in the U.S., so if you've been to those, you might as well skip the Bavaria film tours.
Two of my personal favorite places in Munich are the zoo and the botanical gardens but, of course, those exist in many cities.

Since I worked at the information desk of the biggest museum in Munich for several years, I can answer quite a lot of the typical tourist questions, so feel free to contact me if the links below are not sufficiently answering any questions you may have in planning a trip to Munich.
I do not have any advice on hotels cause luckily I never have to stay in any hotels in Munich (most of them are very expensive but so are the rents in this city!). However, the tourist information does provide help in finding hotels.
PS: You will find information on youth hostels and camping grounds below.

My special recommendation for full-day guided tours on science and arts in and around Munich:

If you want to afford something special, make sure to book Alexander Lucas as your personal guide for a day. This physicist and painter has the rare talent of making guided tours easy-to-understand and enjoyable for people of all ages (children to seniors) and from different backgrounds (professionals, as well as people without any prior knowledge). And he speaks various foreign languages which is an even rarer talent in physicists, I would say :-)
He is booked regularly by us (Guided tours office of the Deutsches Museum) and we always get very positive feedback about his tours from our visitors. - Check out


A few of the websites are in German only. The languages available are indicated in green letters behind the links. On some sites, however, the buttons for switching to the English version are extremely well hidden or marked with a British flag or just "EN".
Some of the museums (whose sites may be in German only) are included on the website "Museums in Munich Portal" where English summaries are given. However, I recommend to look at the museums' own websites - if they are in English - because the information on opening hours, admissions etc. is usually more up-to-date there.

Airport (International Franz-Josef-Strauß airport): - Multilingual

Allianz-Arena (Big, relatively new soccer stadium): - Deutsch / English

Bavaria Film Studios (with tours and stunt shows): - Multilingual

Bike rentals and bike tours:
- - English only
-  -
English / Deutsch / Espanol

Botanical Gardens: - Deutsch / English

Camping grounds:
- Camping ground Thalkirchen: - Multilingual
- Camping ground THE TENT (big tents available to sleep in) (mid-July to mid-Oct.) - English
- Camping ground Munich-Obermenzing: - Deutsch / English
- Camping ground Munich North-West: - nur Deutsch - German only
- Camping ground Langwieder See (lake): -
nur Deutsch - German only

Castles and Royal Palaces in Bavaria:  - Deutsch / English

Dachau Concentration Camp: - English

Museums - Art and cultural history:
- Alte Pinakothek: (14.-18. century paintings) - Deutsch / English
- Archeology museum: - Deutsch / English
- Architecture museum: (part of the Pinakothek der Moderne) - Deutsch / English
- Bavarian National Museum: - nur Deutsch - German only
- Coin museum - nur Deutsch - German only
- Egyptian Art Museum: - nur Deutsch - German only
- Ethnology Museum: - Deutsch / English summary
- Glyptothek: (Old Roman and Greek sculptures) - nur Deutsch - German only
- Haus der Kunst: (Changing art exhibitions) - Deutsch / English
- Hypo-Kunsthalle: (Changing art exhibitions) - Deutsch / English
- Lenbachhaus: (Blauer Reiter paintings; art deco paintings, contemporary art) - Deutsch / English
- Museum Brandhorst: (Contemporary art) - Deutsch / English
- Neue Pinakothek: (19th century paintings and sculptures) - Deutsch / English
- Pinakothek der Moderne: (Modern art) - Deutsch / English
- Residence Museum: (Royal palace) - Deutsch / English
- Schack-Galerie (19th century German paintings) - Deutsch / English
There are several other small museums but the list would get much too long

Museums - Miscellaneous:
- Alpine Museum - nur Deutsch - German only
- Beer and Octoberfest Museum: - Deutsch / English
- Jewish Museum:  - Deutsch / English
- Potato Museum: - nur Deutsch - German only
- Rock Museum (in the Olympic Tower): (very small) - nur Deutsch - German only
- Toy Museum (in the tower of the old City Hall): - Deutsch / English
- Stadtmuseum (mixed exhibitions): - nur Deutsch - German only

Museums - Science and Technology:
- BMW Museum - Deutsch / English
- Deutsches Museum (THE biggest museum of science and technology): - Deutsch / English
  Please note that it has two branch museums at different locations in and outside Munich!
- Hunting and fishing museum: - nur Deutsch - German only
- Minerals collection - nur Deutsch - German only
- Natural history museum (Museum Mensch und Natur): - Deutsch / English
- Paleontological museum: - nur Deutsch - German only
There are a few other small museums but they don't have websites

Museums in Munich Portal: - Deutsch / English

Museum Info Point for museums in Bavaria: - Deutsch / English

Olympic Park: (With tower platform, stadium tours etc.) - Deutsch / English

Public transport: - Multilingual

Sealife Aquarium: (not very big but very expensive - the zoo is much more recommendable and cheaper!) - Deutsch / English

Segway tours: - nur Deutsch / Site in German only but tours offered in English

Sightseeing tours by bike: see 'Bike rentals and tours'

Sightseeing tours by bus:
- - English (Can't find the info on tours in Munich though... but the buses are definitely driving around in Munich)
- (also tours to Bavarian sights/castles outside Munich) - Deutsch / English

Sightseeing tours (by tram / on foot / by bus etc.): - Deutsch / English

Sightseeing tours on science and arts - my special recommendation: - English (Tours multilingual)

Sightseeing tours with the 'official' Munich tourist guides:
The official, well-trained Munich tourist guides offer guided tours in a multitude of languages (28!) in and around Munich.
- (English)
- (Deutsche Seiten des Münchner Gästeführervereins)

Although these official tourist guides also offer guided tours at 'our' museum (The Deutsches Museum, if you haven't guessed that yet) and are often also booked by us, we prefer the visitors to book the tours through the museum's own guided tours office which organizes two-hour guided tours for groups and in foreign languages. We like to know what's going on at our museum (regarding guided tours), and direct booking makes our statistics look better, too :-)

Tourist information of the City of Munich -  in German:

Tourist information of the City of Munich - in English:

Tourist information: - Deutsch / English

Youth Hostels ('Jugendherbergen') and other cheap accommodation for young people:
- A & O Hostels: - Deutsch / English
- Easy Palace Backpackers Hostel: - Multilingual
- Euro Youth Hotel Garni: - Multilingual
- Haus International: - Deutsch / English / Italiano
- Jugendherberge München-City: - Deutsch / English / Francais
- Jugendherberge München-Park (Thalkirchen): - Multilingual
- YMCA ('CVJM') Youth hostel: -

Zoo: - Deutsch / English


Munich nightlife and events magazines: (ENGLISH info magazine) (English/German magazine info) (German only) (Cultural events organizer, such as 'Long night of museums' - German only) (Tickets for concerts in Munich - German only) (Tickets for concerts - Germany-wide)

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