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Some of my favorite pictures of Alex... there are many more elsewhere on this fansite...

If you're looking for shirtless pictures, you may be disappointed - I left them out deliberately cause you shouldn't be distracted from his face. Haha! There are plenty of shirtless pics on other sites, pages, in the slide-shows (below) and on the DVDs of "Hawaii Five-0" (and other series and films) - you just have to buy them...


Slide-shows (by fans) with pictures of Alex - Lots of eye-candy, especially for the female fans out there. Enjoy!

Some slide-shows include pics from his movies and shows but most show him "off-screen".
Let's start with two excellent slide-shows by the fabulous 'mizzoh'  who used to have the best fansite for Alex (AOLR):
Slideshow with great photos of Alex and
Slideshow with older photos of Alex incl. fantastic ones from the Moonlight era 

Here's a slideshow that moved me to tears when I first watched it in March 2012 when Alex was in rehab. I'm glad I came across it again later and can now appreciate its encouraging message to not give up.
While you enjoy the pictures of Alex, remember to always keep your head above and swim! 
(PS: The beautiful song "Swim" is by the band "Jack's Mannequin". A different version of it is on their album "The Glass Passenger")

Below are more, absolutely gorgeous slideshows worth watching - even repeatedly :-)
- Alex - God damn, you're beautiful by one of my top-favorite YouTube users (moonlightaddicted)
- Alex - My love
- Beautiful Alex
- Alex, I'd come for you
- Dress you up (Alex looking stylish and gorgeous in suits)
- Lots of hugs by Alex - and a few hot love scenes
- For romantic fans - Alex kissing in his former movies/shows

Thanks to all the fan girls who have made our day by compiling these slideshows for us to enjoy!

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