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Alex and his support of charities & some very good causes and environmental projects

If you are a new fan of Alex and yet have no idea why I'm calling him a "caring" person above - well, it's mainly because of his support of organ donation and other good causes - ranging from the fight against cancer and ALS, to giving self-defense classes for women and donating the full proceeds to a hospital, on to raising awareness and funds for organ donation. Most of these charities and good causes are dedicated to fighting deadly diseases and to saving lives.

His big heart and his support of charities and organ donation are among the many reasons why his fans love him so much.

Examples of projects and organisations supported by Alex...

Below, you find a selection of charitable projects, charity organisations and great causes that Alex has supported over the years. For information about current campaigns, please follow my News page (In German "Aktuelles")

For more useful information about the important topic of organ donation and transplantation, please view the following links:
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Thank you for reading and for helping Alex support the a.m. charities and good causes!

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